Green Building


What is it and why do we embrace the concept?


Green building is a long-overdue concept that is slowly becoming a necessary reality. By definition, “green building” is any construction practice that promotes the economic health and well being of our families, communities and our environment. While it embodies positive social and environmental ramifications that exhibit our commitment to the future it also is a smart step towards managing construction budgets.


It is as simple as using scraps of plywood for “nailers” in the framing process or as sophisticated as the “smart house” concept that integrates all systems and their controls into your home computer.  It is an overall effort to conserve natural products and energy in the construction process. Less waste equals fewer trips to the landfills .


One of our recent projects qualified for a green rating by using over 125 tons of native fieldstone that was excavated from the future home site as the stone veneer for 80% of the home. Normally that excavated stone (mixed in with fill dirt) would have been hauled off site to a landfill. Our masonry contractor removed the stone from the piles of excavated dirt, washed them and used them for the project. A bit time consuming but it saved 125 tons of stone from being quarried.  More importantly, it saved approximately 1000 gallons of diesel fuel that would have been used in hauling and excavating the stone. This reduces fuel consumption and emissions and reduces the “carbon footprint” of the project. (a permanent impact on fossil fuel supplies and their by-products)










Re-cycling is another component of “green building”. This is especially true with our renovation projects. Any scrap aluminum (siding, storm windows, etc.) is removed from the project and set out for our re-cycling contractor. Cast iron, copper and even wood joists are set aside for re-cycling also. This saves dumpster space, landfill space and money.


Green building practices are here to stay and all of us at Cappelletti Builders are dedicated to their implementation in all of our projects.