Authentic Chester County farmhouse residence in Malvern, Pa.



This home offers traditional "Okie" style details along with state-of-the-art systems and amenities. All of the stone on this residence was "gleaned" from the excavation of the home.  An Archer & Buchanan Architects design, this 6000 s.f. home boasts re-sawn hardwood floors, Wood Mode cabinetry ,  granite and marble countertops and custom woodwork throughout. 


"Martin J. Cappelletti Custom Builders Inc. has been at the top of our list of qualified contractors for our 16 years in practice. Through our many projects with this builder, our clients have responded again and again with enthusiasm for the level of service and attention to detail that is required to make our design work shine, and yet at no greater premium than any other less well versed or organized builder. From the top down, the members of Marty Cappelletti's team are consistently thoughtful and attentive people with enormous integrity, representing a broad range of building skills.

From and architect's perspective, key among those skills are the ability to communicate clearly the status and control of a project of great complexity at any time in ways that are easily understood by owners. Our clients tend to be busy, successful entrepreneurs who demand selection and construction schedules, budgets and financials all to be clearly delineated and shared by the builder. Cappelletti's long track record of exceeding these expectations in addition to first quality workmanship have made them the builder of choice in this area. We can heartily recommend Martin J Cappelletti Custom Builders Inc. for projects large and small that require a high quality outcome at a reasonable cost."

Richard Buchanan, Archer & Buchanan Architecture LTD