Applebrook Golf Club Bistro Project

Renovating Applebrook Golf Club's Clubhouse Bistro


Walking the grounds of Applebrook Golf Club in Malvern, Pennsylvania, you know that you’re in a very special place. The private, world-class club is consistently listed in Golf Digest’s “Best in State,” and their farmhouse-style clubhouse provides its members and their guests to some of the most exquisite dining in Chester County. So, we were thrilled to receive the contract to manage the renovation of the club’s bistro and outdoor patio.

The clubhouse has a historic, residential feel, which we are adept at delivering, and the new bistro design by Peter Bachelor & Associates architectural firm captured that feel beautifully, while adding special touches throughout. The project also included patio redesign, landscaping, and concrete work to lay the groundwork for parts of the bistro extension.

The before.

The before.

We pride ourselves on planning, and with winter closing in and a hard completion date of May 1st, we knew that pouring concrete before the hard freeze was crucial. Working with Finnerty Landscaping and Applebrook’s management, we were able to pour earlier than first envisioned, which was the absolute KEY to the project’s success.

Also key, the point of ingress for vehicles and machinery. Though not the flashiest of building management tasks, determining the staging and flow of construction vehicles and machinery can save or cost days worth of operational efficiency. In our four decades of experience, we’ve worked with townships on every special permitting scenario possible. We know that what’s easiest for the job may not always be best for the township, and vice versa. In this case, we were able to find a solution that allowed for a temporary road, which minimized disturbance to the existing grounds while still maximizing safety for passing cars on the road.

The after. With gorgeous fox inlay courtesy of  Bucks County Soapstone .

The after. With gorgeous fox inlay courtesy of Bucks County Soapstone.

From there, our team and trade partners kept it all track, working with the club’s own team: Tim Cordes for all faux finishes and fox heads, Mike Monsanto for the bar base and custom cabinetry, and interior designer Janine Zozaya.

The farther along the project progressed, the more it seemed meant to be. Though the heavy steel had to be used for structural support, we were able to cap it with recycled wood brought in from a carriage home on the grounds that we were also renovating. The wood perfectly matches the wood used in clubhouse’s original spaces, providing members with a look and feel that flows seamlessly from one room to another.

As you can see, the finished product is a beautiful, casual bistro area, a large bar and a larger outside patio. The club is thrilled with the workmanship and best of all, the bistro is busy all the time.

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Applebrook Golf Club’s casual bistro.

Applebrook Golf Club’s casual bistro.

The Bistro bar.

The Bistro bar.