Going Above and Beyond (and Outside) for Clients

What happens when you have a project on the second floor of a home but do not want to disturb the rest of the home because the family is still living their day-to-day lives?

You get creative.

This beautiful project came to us through Petersen Kitchens and Designs, one of our most valued and longstanding partners. The clients planned a beautiful kitchen renovation that required heavy structural changes. While PKD supplied and installed cabinetry in kitchen and laundry room, we contracted for construction, counter tops, windows, tile, painting, etc.

Custom scaffolding enabled all work to proceed with the rest of the home remaining undisturbed.

Custom scaffolding enabled all work to proceed with the rest of the home remaining undisturbed.

The clients we so pleased with the work that they asked us to contract their family room and family room bar renovations. Dana Hudiak of Hudiak Design created welcoming and interesting spaces, while Halkett Woodworking, Inc. supplied most of the cabinetry. We completed all construction including plumbing, countertops, flooring and painting.

The clients were again thrilled with the end result, and soon asked us to renovate the master bathroom, walk in closets and the bedroom. Since the foyer, stairway and second floor hall were freshly completed, and the family was utilizing the home, we knew we had to find a creative way to respect their needs while at the same time being efficient with our work. The answer: we had our scaffold company erect a custom three-story scaffold for access to the rooms via a French door balcony at the master bedroom. Starting with demolition, all trades worked through the scaffold system. And the approach left the rest of the house undisturbed and preserved daily life for the owners and their children.

As you can see, the closets and bedroom are once again top notch, and the bathroom may be our most detailed ever. We also renovated the fireplace in the master bedroom on a last-minute request, which looks beautiful.

We are now setting up to renovate two more bathrooms in the house on the second floor. And, as testament to the ability and character of our trade partners, the clients also contracted our painter to paint the entire exterior of their home.

Another dream-turned-reality for a phenomenal family.